I've been thinking a lot since the race and I have a few things I feel like I should note:

  1. One year ago, if you had asked me to go on a 3 mile run with you, I would have laughed in your face. I didn't start running until October 2009. I did my first half marathon at the end of January this year, which was my first real race.
  2. As Aubyn pointed out the most fun part was planning and preparation. It was nice to have something really awesome to keep me occupied for three months.
  3. I might have to dedicate a whole post to this point, but now that I've finished an ultra I find the CFE program is lacking something. I'm not advocating 60 mile weeks, but some of the time trial & tempo runs need to be longer, at least for a beginning runner with zero experience at the ultra distance.
  4. I'm feeling pretty good just three days later. I have a minor case of runners knee and one tight hip, but I had zero muscle soreness, so I know the conditioning is working, just need more experience.
  5. Whoever told me I should think of it as an eating contest with a little running on the side was right, and I totally lost the eating contest. Must eat more!
  6. I could not be happier about the friends I made while training. I think I text or email Aubyn every single day now, and I see Kath much more often than I used to. I love that!!
Bekka at mile 24

Not sure where the camera is, but when I find it I'll add photos!

Anyways, in a nutshell the race was hard. Much harder than I was expecting it to be. I have to give a huge thanks to all of the volunteers at the aid stations. I felt like I was checking in to a five star hotel,
"Do you want a cool sponge bath?"
"How about some M & Ms?"
"Let me refill all of your bottles and put ice in your hat."
They were awesome and knew just what I needed, I couldn't be more thankful for them.

After about 4 hours I threw my time goals out the window and just focused on finishing. I was the last official finisher at 9:26, which is about 3 hours slower than my original goal. I didn't really give a s&*% that it took so long though, I was just determined to finish in the time limit.

I've never done anything so hard in my life and I felt like quitting just once before I reached the last aid station, but then I got there and I was like, "Hell No! I didn't put this much effort into it to quit now." Luckily Paul ran with me for the last 12 miles even though he was a little drunk. That was a big morale booster, just having some company that will listen to you complain and then tell you to STFU and keep going.

The worst part was the heat and the fact that I couldn't stomach any real food. I drank a ton of Genr8, but I didn't get enough calories and felt very fatigued for the last 12 miles.

If you asked me yesterday if I was going to do another one I would have told you, "Hell NO!" But today, I'm thinking I'd do it again, as soon as my toenails grow back in.

There are only two points you can drive to and watch.

One is at the start/finish (Pine Valley Bible Center) directions here.

The race starts at 7am. I'm just guessing at our finish times, but here's when I think you'll be able to see us there
Aubyn: She is estimating a 7 hour race, I think she'll go much faster, so between 1:00 pm and 2:00 for her
Kath: I haven't talked to Kath about her times, 6 hours or faster in my opinion, so probably before 1:00 pm
Bekka: Best case is 6 and and half hours, so 1:30, but could be later

Apparently the very last mile is tough, so if anyone wanted to park at the finish and walk a mile up the course I'm sure we would love to see your faces right about there!

The other place that is drivable is Penny Pines aid station which we will pass 2 times: at mile 12 and again at mile 22. There is not a lot of parking here, but you could see us between 8:30 am and 10:00 am for mile 12 and again around 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. You need to purchase a day use parking pass from REI or the general store on sunrise highway.

Directions to Penny Pines aid station directions here.

The official race website is: noblecanyon50k.com. You can get a lot of info about the race here, as well as the course map. You can walk to any point on the course if you are willing, just don't forget that if you are parking in the state park you will need a parking pass!

Bring out some beer & food and enjoy yourselves! Thanks for supporting us!


This covers almost everything I'll be wearing or carrying on race day...

  1. Lululemon stride jacket
  2. Lululemon speed short
  3. Lululemon tech tee & scoop bra (no longer available)
  4. Camelback hand bottle filled with Genr8 Vitargo
  5. Apple pie LARABAR
  6. Thorlo padded socks
  7. SportQuest salt tabs
  8. Brooks Cascadia 5 trail running shoes

My crew and the aid stations will have my food and a bunch of other stuff, and I'll also be carrying a Nathan hydration pack with my water. What else could I need? I mean, it's only 34 miles.

Run don't walk to K Starr's new Mobility WOD website, then do the WODs EVERY day. Today's WOD was much harder than I expected, I thought I had pretty  good mobility. WRONG! Must work on this, plus it's kind of relaxing!

oreo cake

I want this cake! How delicious does that Oreo cake look? I think I might have to create one of these after my race!

Speaking of food, I'm leaving for France in a week and 2 days. I'm going to eat tarte flambé, spätzle, chocolat, croissant , chocolat croissant and much more. And, I'm not going to feel guilty about it at all. Nope, can't wait for a gluton (and gluten) fest in Alsace!

// photo from Martha Stewart Home Design

Holy workout weekend. I completed my first workout from SEALfit.com, it certainly lived up to its expectations. I’m not sure it was the hardest workout I’ve ever done, but it was definitely in the top 3, never have I not wanted to pick up a bar so badly. The push press is what was killing me. You know a workout sucks when your favorite part is the burpees. It was more than twice as long as most of the CrossFit workouts I’ve been doing lately:

2 sets of
AMRAP 15 minutes:
12 push press 60#
9 sumo deadlift high pull
6 burpees
Run 1 mile between sets

Most of the time we stick to a single set of AMRAP 15 minutes. Anyways, it was really hard, but it felt great to finish a soul-crusher. Especially when I finished that first set of 15 minutes I thought I was through, but I managed to pull out almost the same effort during the second set. Good to know I have magical energy stored up somewhere deep inside. Did I mention that this is only one of three parts of a SEALfit workout? Yeah, I skipped parts one and two.

Sunday morning I got up way too early to get out to the trails by 7am. It was well worth it though, because by the very end of my 60 minute tempo it was starting to heat up, and I was already getting back into the air conditioned car! This run went about 100 times better than last weekend’s and was a good way to reset and get ready for another long one next weekend.

// photo of Kath, Me and Aubyn

Saturday's run in a graph

Okay, so I decided to give a few more details regarding Saturday's run, but in the form of a fun graph. I made this up, it's my perception of the run, not at all close to scale for the elevation profile. Also, my memory is a little foggy. Umm.. sorry it's a little hard to read.. will put up a better version when I get home.

Nate Aubyn Bekka before 13.1 miles

In the words of Nate, "That was miserable, just miserable." I don't really feel the need to give a play-by-play of Saturday's 13.1 mile "time trial," but I did learn some valuable lessons:

  1. If someone tells you there is water halfway through your run, take the 10 minutes to drive there and double check. Yes, we did find water, but had many panic moments thinking there wouldn't be any at mile 7.
  2. Don't listen to the random man at the campground who is smoking weed and drinking beer telling you it's only 3 miles back down to the freeway.
  3. Don't start a 13.1 mile run in the desert at noon.
  4. When you feel nauseous at mile 1, maybe it's time to re-evaluate, and re-schedule for another day.

I'm sure there were more lessons that I am forgetting. Overall, that run was completely demoralizing and a general mind f***. It made me question entering the race at all, if it takes me 3:44 to go 13 miles, how the hell am I going to finish 33 miles in less than 9 hours (the cut off time).

It's two days later and I'm feeling much better, I've come to realize that run was an anomaly. Here's to a better time next weekend. I know it won't get worse than this.

Aubyn & Bekka at CrossFit Chula Vista

I took a nice drive down South to visit my girl Aubyn at her native CrossFit Chula Vista. We have never CFed togther, we only ever CFE together.

First of all, I didn't know there were toll roads in San Diego.. oops!

Secondly, she emailed me the workout yesterday morning:
10 rounds for time of:
10 thrusters at 65# (95# for men)
10 ring pushups
OUCHIES! Knowing the WOD all day made me nervous.

Turns out, the people at her box are RAD! Everyone was so welcoming and nice. And no one questioned me when I decided to use 55 pounds instead of 65 pounds. 

Anyways, the workout was brutal.. but I finished in only 25+ minutes. I would definitely make the long drive (exaggerating, it's not that long) to Chula Vista for another guest visit.

Afterwards I made a visit to Aubyn's home and fell in love with her dog, Gussybama. So cute!

Since I'm at work I should stop writing on my blog and go back to work ;)