Bekka, Aubyn & Susan at Noble Canyon

Yesterday's run was seriously fun. I can't believe how little I thought about running and just looked at the view and focused on my footing. It didn't take us too long to get our first 4 miles down into Noble Canyon (about 40 minutes). I thought coming back up would take us at least double that time, but it only took us an hour to get back to the car. I'm so thankful we had a chance to run on the course and get some mileage on our feet. Now that I know that portion of the course it will make me feel great on race day to be able to recognize where I am and how far to the Penny Pines aid station.

So glad Susan was able to join us too!

Change of plans for next weekend... We were going to run the AFC half, but after feeling the altitude on this run we decided it would be smarter to do our 13.1 miles on the trails again. As a former Colorado girl, I forget that 5000 feet isn't 'normal' anymore. Maybe I should go live at home for the two weeks leading up to the race ;)

Menu & Shopping List

...starting tomorrow! Yeah. That's what they all say right? I have a plan, as you can see I have four days of meals planned out here. 

You can download my menu in PDF form right here.


Why only four days? Because I can't think that far ahead for my menu, but 4 days will get me through till I have time to go grocery shopping again.

I only see four recipes, how does this equal four days? I make enough in the evening to save some for lunch the next day

You may be wondering what recipes I'm using? Well, I make them up, but using my ingredient list it shouldn't really be that hard to figure out something delicious.

Am I going strict paleo on this menu? No, it's close though, with added plantain chips (these are borderline), peanut sauce, heavy cream & honey. Oh and Trader Joe's tomato soup isn't paleo, but I'm too lazy to make it from scratch.

Why not strict paleo? Because black coffee makes me miserable, I also like peanut sauce in my thai style salad.

Any other questions? Leave a comment.

Aubyn & Bekka at the track

Found a blog from a great CF coach titled Barbells and Bacon. This guy is brilliant, and he has a post with some good weighlifting goals. I love this! I've never thought about making weightlifting goals for myself, I just like to PR ;). His list:

  1. Snatch Bodyweight
  2. Press Bodyweight
  3. Double bodyweight squat.
  4. 150% Bodyweight Clean and Jerk
  5. Triple Bodyweight Deadlift

My progress on the list based on my current bodyweight of 130 ish.

  1. Snatch Bodyweight - 58 pounds, 45% of goal
  2. Press Bodyweight - 70 pounds, 54% of goal
  3. Double bodyweight squat - 133 pounds, 51% of goal (of 260 pounds)
  4. 150% Bodyweight Clean and Jerk - not sure of my c&j max, probably around 70 pounds about 36% of goal (of 195 pounds)
  5. Triple Bodyweight Deadlift - 188 pound, 48% of goal (of 390 pounds)

So, a ways to go to get to these numbers, but it's nice to have an idea of long term goals.

Aubyn and Bekka's trail running shoes.

I made a little update to the blog today and added a little inspirational quote to the sidebar. If you have any good quotes about life, running, CrossFit or whatever, send them my way and I'll add them to the list. I also added a Quoted page where you can see them all!

In other news, I had a bad week on the nutrition front, but a pretty good week in terms of working out. I hit some PRs, got a max pullup PR (of 12) and a back squat PR for 3 reps of 128. I'm almost at my body weight for back squat woo hoo!

10k on the trails at Torrey Pines tomorrow, and I'm so excited. We have put together quite the group for our Sunday run. Oh and Aubyn and I both finally got around to buying trail running shoes. We tested them out at the track on Wednesday. They seem to be okay.. not too much shoe for me, but I got blisters from only 4000 meters. Time to upgrade my socks!

Oh, and you must must must go read this post on Sage Burgener's blog, it's a letter from her brother Casey about mental toughness.

I was too late getting going this morning to make it to the 11am class at CF Elysium, so I went to the regular gym to do today's WOD. I now remember why I don't go to the gym anymore. It is so hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I see people working out and doing the most random exercises. There was a guy "squatting" and maybe going down like 4 inches from his standing position. I was tempted to go tell him that was weaksauce but to each his own. I managed to get my WOD done without getting yelled at for dropping weights or god forbid doing crossfit in a regular gym.

Then I went for a 90 minute massage and it was fabulous! Then I went straight to the track for CFE intervals. That was pretty rad... this blog post is putting me to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Anyways, the last thing I have to say is I went to Chipotle for dinner after the track workout and it drives me absolutely nuts when people reach over the sneeze guard to point to things they want. THE EMPLOYEES CAN SEE THROUGH THE GLASS! You don't have to put your germy little hands over the piece of glass that's protecting my food from dirty people like you. That's all.

Oh! I realized today that my workouts page on the blog was broken.. it's all fixed now so go see my workout calendar, it's pretty radical!

I need to get better at overhead squats.. much much better. I get really frustrated. ugh. Anyways, I should have stripped the bar down to nothing and just practiced with an empty bar, cause lots of fails in a row don't really do shit for my head or my strength. 

I got home from an LA road trip last night around 7:30 pm. I then proceeded to eat half a cupcake before heading out for my run. Worst. Run. Ever. Did I mention that I was 

  1. hungover from too many NorCal margaritas Saturday night
  2. tired from standing in the sun all day
  3. stiff from sitting in the car for two hours

Yeah, all of the above did not contribute to a good evening run. Plus starting at 8:30 wasn't the best idea I've ever had. I was scheduled to run three 5k tempos, but I decided to cut the distance and rest in half so I would have time to do it before bed. I got through two round of 1.5 miles and my left foot started cramping up... I was just not having it last night. Have to hit the grind hard today, maybe do my homework run this evening instead of trying to squeeze it in on Friday.

Since this whole ultramarathon thing started right after I read Born to Run, I've decided to test out a few of the Tarahumara "miracle" foods. Today I made iskiate, aka chia fresca. It's not too bad, I found a recipe on the No Meat Athlete, and other than the odd consistency, it tasted fine. I skipped the added agave nectar (my thoughts on agave deserve a post of their own). So essentially it was just chia seeds (yes, ch-ch-ch-chia), water and fresh lime juice.

I have no idea if the so-called magical effects actually occur or not. I've heard it's a great boost when you are feeling tired, and I just drank some pre-workout today, but I certainly wasn't fatigued. I'm thinking I'll use a bit during my 15k on Sunday and see what happens. At least it didn't make me feel sick.

Next up on the menu is the pinole... saving that for next week.

Speaking of food, I've had a really good food week. The only non-paleo items I've had all week were peanut sauce (twice) and ranch dressing on my salad once. Not too bad for a pizza addict.

Oh man, my new Wednesday routine is seriously killing me. No joke. 

Wake up. eat. work. work. work. ride bike to workout. workout. ride home. eat. nap. work. eat. workout. eat. bed.

I'm supposed to be doing two-a-days on Fridays as well, but for this week I'll just try to make it to Sunday without hurting myself again.

We did an interval style workout at the gym, then I have intervals again tonight at the track. I guess they are good for me, especially since an ultramarathon has quite a few stops and you have to be ready to get started up all over again.

One other thing I'm focusing on for this race is icing my sore spots. A lot. Like every night, even if nothing is hurting that badly, I ice something. I'm determined to start the race healthy, no more IT band issues, foot pain or swelling ankles.

Coach Paul asked me today what my time goal is for the race. I've been thinking about this a lot. I'm an inexperienced long distance runner, but I feel like I could go at least 11 minute miles on average, and then I have to take into consideration stops at aid stations for fuel and water replenishment. I'm going for 6:30. I think this might be a little fast based on the times of the females in my age group from last year, but we'll see after a few of my longer training runs on trails. 

In other goals for the race, I am determined not to waste a ton of time at the aid stations.

rob and bekka

I had a rough start to the week when I found out this morning that my good friend Rob was killed in action yesterday by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. It felt good to workout after being sad and teary-eyed all day. I had a few post-workout beers in his honor, he was a big beer drinker.

5 things I remember & love about rob:

  • his dress pants are too tight, and I always laugh when he gets dressed up for class presentations
  • he never does his dishes, but his roommate and best friend dave loves him despite his messiness
  • he is always ready to rally
  • he has the goofiest smile & a warm heart
  • despite his complaints about military life he loved being a soldier and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country

// photo of Rob & I at Linda's at the beginning one of the best nights ever!