I'm a little disappointed in my 5k time trial time from today (26:00) I thought I would break my PR by at least a few seconds. I did get a negative split though, 13:45 out and 12:15 back in, that's pretty significant, but there was uphill on the out and down coming back. I also get really motivated for the last .25 mile and push really hard on that. I'm looking through my program up to the race and there isn't another 5k time trial in there, but maybe just afterwards I'll do another one to see if I have improved.

I watched the CrossFit Games for the afternoon today. I got to the point where I just thought it was getting stupid. I felt like HQ was giggling in back like "Hey, let's put this up there and see if they actually do it." At least that's how I felt watching heat 1 of the men and women, but when heat 3 got out there they killed my expectations. I still think they are all crazy (and I find it hard to believe they maintain any life outside of training). I wish they would have a 'normal' CrossFitter games, like regular people that do WODs about 3-4 times a week. I guess you couldn't really regulate that, and I'm not saying they would be fittest on Earth, but they could be fittest mom with a full-time job and a social life. That would be rad.

update: That 5k time was really bugging me, so I went over my course again on the gmap-pedometer and I actually went 3.19 miles which means my average pace was 8:07 which puts me at a 25:11 5k...

Here's the Força Kai crew from last Wednesday night at the track.. We had a killer workout and they really stepped up the intensity! 

I woke up this morning and my foot was feeling so much better. I spent much of my time today watching the CrossFit Games Live Feed. I was so happy they were streaming the games live, it was awesome. And totally inspiring, I was itching all day to get to the gym and do a workout.

Thank goodness Paul & Leon picked a doozy for today. We did "The Chief," it was killer, I loved it. On my drive home my vision started going a bit blurry.

I gotta wish good luck to my peeps competing at the games this weekend: Adam, Seth (Peaches), Marisa, Andrea, Lauren, James, Karen, Nuno and Michele!!

Well, ugh, I ripped a the bottom of my foot while running barefoot at Mission Bay yesterday. I couldn't decide all day whether to workout or not, but as I could barely walk from my desk to the bathroom I decided against working out. I can't decide if I'm being a big pansy or being smart to let it heal. Here's to hoping my foot feels better so I can get a few workouts in tomorrow.


Well, I gave into my pizza craving at dinner time last night. I got home from work and sat on the couch for an hour, then I was feeling insatiably hungry so I ordered pizza. What I should have done is come home from work and started dinner.

I'm thinking that eating only greasy pizza with no veggies & no substantial protein could have killed my Fran time this morning. 65 pounds felt incredibly heavy. Or maybe I'm just making excuses and my Fran time would have sucked anyways since it's been a while since CrossFitting regularly.

I watched this video interview with The Fruitarian this morning on the CFE site. Then my friend Ashley sent me a blog post about Scott Jurek's diet.

Two things came up that have me wondering about the effectiveness of all plant diets...

  1. Did this guy not see a red flag when he broke his tibia from multiple stress fractures?
    I would think that if my bones were so brittle that they break from running I might have to look at my diet and make some adjustments. On another note, this man is a runner, and probably has a different definition of fitness than I do, I know an all plant diet would probably not have me doing pullups, deadlifts and lots of running.
  2. Is it sustainable?
    I'm finding out that a strict paleo diet might not be sustainable for a lifetime* for me (mostly due to my love of dairy), but how long are these guys going to be able to run like this before they break down? Are they going to be running on plants for five years, ten years? I guess time will tell.

Maybe I am being as blind as they are, but I've shown up to an evening WOD after a day without having much animal protein all day and it shows in my performance. I also think I have a skewed vision of vegetarians because many** of my non meat-eating acquaintances look to me like the vampires in Twilight who don't drink human blood (just sayin').

* I don't doubt that the paleo diet would sustain me physically for life, but I am always falling down the slippery slope of "Oh I'll just have cheese once this week," and then I open my eyes and realize I'm eating ice cream and coca-cola everyday. 
** Not all of them look like this [cough cough] especially not the ones that read my blog

coke and ice cream sandwiches

Ugh... It's time for me to stop drinking coca-cola and limit my ice cream sandwich intake to once a week. I'm feeling slow and that ice cream sandwich half hour before my run yesterday didn't help my dragging feet. We'll see how well that goes... one step at a time I guess. I ate mostly paleo today (minus the peanut sauce & coke at lunch).

Aubyn and I did a 60 minute tempo run this evening. It's kind of frustrating when you don't know the trails (note to self, run the race course before race day). We kind of fumbled around Florida Canyon for 60 minutes, but we got a hell of a workout. There is a ton of up and down over there.

Afterwards we grabbed burgers at Station Tavern, they were awesome but poor Aubyn was drooling over the buns. I felt kind of slow during the run, and now I'm thinking it's time to get back to the paleo diet until my Europe trip.

This morning, my friend Mike was giving a triathlon seminar. I went for the first half since we needed to get together to take a coaches photograph anyways. As he was talking through the cycling part I was thinking, this is pretty cool. I am really comfortable on my bike and I know I could train for the cycling section, and I'm pretty good to go for the running section.

Then, he got the swim section. Yeah, that didn't go so well with me. I'm a little terrified of water, especially open water, and when he was explaining the two types of starts (beach start versus water start) I literally felt sick to my stomach visualizing myself running from the beach into the ocean to swim.

I guess it would take a lot of swim coaching before I will ever commit to a tri.

Aubyn & Bekka Trail Running in Chula Vista

I was about halfway through Born to Run when I made the decision to train and run an ultramarathon. As soon as I made the decision I contacted my friends Aubyn and Kath. Kath has done a lot of ultras and some on CrossFit Endurance (CFE) training alone, and I know Aubyn was interested.

Kath told us that the Noble Canyon 50k was coming up in September and the decision was made. Aubyn and I were gonna do. I'm going to track my workouts, progress, feelings, research and more here. I'm definitely open to comments, criticisms and anything else you are willing to throw out there, so please let me know who you are in the comments and tell me why you are interested in my ultra training!

I have to put it out there that I'm going to train with a CFE & Crossfit program developed by Brian MacKenzie and Nuno Costa. I also should note that I'm definitely not in this alone, during my CrossFit workouts I have a least 1 trainer supervising me and I have 4 endurance coaches helping me with other aspects. I would not recommend doing this on your own, so if you are following my workouts unsupervised I cannot make any guarantees. Oh and I also have a great doctor and acupuncturist who know my goals and medical history to keep injuries at bay.