4 PRs + Random Roundup

Not to toot my own horn or anything, okay, I’m totally tooting my own horn. I’ve had a great week, 4 PRs this week.

  • Half marathon by 35 minutes (old 2:30, new 1:55)
  • Clean & Jerk by 5 pounds (old 98, new 103)
  • Mile by 14 seconds (old 7:01, new 6:47)
  • Shoulder press 1 rep max by 5 pounds (old 70, new 75)

Yeah, it’s been a great week, I guess this whole paleo thing actually works, since I’ve been nearly cheat-free for about a month now (cheats were dairy, not gluten, the gluten stuff sets me back about a week, the occasional dairy doesn’t seem to affect me too much).

Anyways, I’ve had some good reads this week and wanted to share:

Zatsiorsky, Scaling, And Power by Jon Gilson - He puts actual numbers on scaling for WODs, I always went by feel, but I’m going to try his method next time.

The Juice Cleanse: A Strange and Green Journey by Judith Newman - Just another affirmation for paleo, these crazies are trying to detox just for a few days, but then go back to their normal diets and put all of those toxins right back in. Might as well just eat paleo and be detoxed for life right?

Running a Different Path by Matt Fitzgerald - I get inspired by elite runners just like any other runner, but when I read this woman’s training plan I was thankful that I am not an elite. 120 miles a week in preparation for her first marathon, yikes! Now, I remember why I don’t read running magazines, they only focus on conventional training methods (a.k.a. more, more, more miles!).


Nice job on all your PRs

Nice job on all your PRs

woot! grats!

woot! grats!

35 Minutes? Jesus Cristo

35 Minutes? Jesus Cristo Woman! That's amazing. Thanks for the paleo comment today, I responded in case you didn't subscribe to the comments. Keep up the awesome work! Mac

Congrats on so many

Congrats on so many accomplishments including being cheat-free for a month! WOW, inspiring indeed.