been a while

I know, I know, it's been too long since I've written a blog post. I have been busy and this blog hasn't been a priority, but guess what? I'm racing this weekend. That's right, for the first time since October I am racing again. It's a 13 mile trail race and I'm super stoked. I have never been to the course (in fact, I should probably Google directions to the start). I haven't been running a ton like I was last year, but I'm pretty sure I can handle 13 miles.

So what has been keeping me busy? The CrossFit Games Open for one. I'm out now, failed last week's workout, but I'm not too concerned about it, I was just doing it with my team for fun!

I have been a busy bee over at Minted Condition, my design blog and freelance design business.

Oh, and I chose not to blog for the sake of blogging, I wanted to actually have something to say. So onto my real thoughts...

I've been thinking about food, a lot, and mostly thinking about how I have not been eating great for about a month now. Sure, I don't cook pasta, buy bread or eat sandwiches, but my life has been filled with doughnuts (3 + a week), pizza (my weakness), fritos and candy, lots and lots of candy. And you know what? I haven't noticed a dip in my performance nor my body composition (okay maybe a teeny bit here, but not much). So that makes me want to eat more candy, even though I know I shouldn't.

Part of me says, "Do a whole 30 to get back on track" and the other part says "F*** it, you only live once." So that's what's been going on lately, I certainly haven't been a model of fitness and nutrition, but it's been fun!


Hi Bekka Whats the best way

Hi Bekka

Whats the best way to start Crossfit. There's no classes or teams where I live in the UK, but can it be something I start on my own in the gym?