{gear up} what I'll be wearing on race day...

This covers almost everything I'll be wearing or carrying on race day...

  1. Lululemon stride jacket
  2. Lululemon speed short
  3. Lululemon tech tee & scoop bra (no longer available)
  4. Camelback hand bottle filled with Genr8 Vitargo
  5. Apple pie LARABAR
  6. Thorlo padded socks
  7. SportQuest salt tabs
  8. Brooks Cascadia 5 trail running shoes

My crew and the aid stations will have my food and a bunch of other stuff, and I'll also be carrying a Nathan hydration pack with my water. What else could I need? I mean, it's only 34 miles.


Thanks Ted! I guess I should

Thanks Ted! I guess I should have mentioned that I will be carrying some other fuel, it just didn't look as pretty in my layout so I left it out. I have honey stinger blocks in various flavors and cytomax in case I get sick of Vitargo. Plus there is food every 4 miles at the aid stations. And yes, I will worry about the "crap" after I make sure I get enough fuel.

Also, I'm definitely eating an entire pizza from Basic on Saturday night!!! Can't freaking wait!!

Miss you! Come run with us sometime! Good luck in NYC!

I would suggest packing a goo

I would suggest packing a goo or shot blocks of some sort if you have tried them out before and know your body can handle them. Pack a different flavor than the larabars and vitargo. I know everyone in the CF community is anti-goo/shot-blocks, but I think they are great for two things... 1) if you are crashing because your body is trying to squeeze out whatever energy stores that it has, the goo/blocks are great for a "pickup". I know, I know, you might get some stomach discomfort/diarrhea, but... well, shit, if you're not gonna finish cause your bonking, keep yourself from bonking and worry about the other crap later. 2) I like variety... that's why I crossfit. So psychologically, after eating nothing but the same stuff like apple pie larabars and vitargo, having something that tastes different is such a treat.

Just some thoughts... Good luck this weekend!