Goodbye coca-cola and ice cream sandwiches...

coke and ice cream sandwiches

Ugh... It's time for me to stop drinking coca-cola and limit my ice cream sandwich intake to once a week. I'm feeling slow and that ice cream sandwich half hour before my run yesterday didn't help my dragging feet. We'll see how well that goes... one step at a time I guess. I ate mostly paleo today (minus the peanut sauce & coke at lunch).


I'm lucky that very few

I'm lucky that very few things upset my GI tract. I might have to try that coke at the race, too bad none of our training runs are long enough to test it out beforehand.

Ok so this is what I've

Ok so this is what I've heard. That you are far better off eating ice cream made from whole milk fat than you are eating something with low fat milk like skinny cows. The thought being that if something as naughty as ice cream is going to be your treat at least let it be helpful in some way. Yes, it has sugar but the fat content is beneficial to someone following Paleo. Make it fresh churned gourmet gelato from whole foods instead of that prepacked crap at the grocery store. I am not a nutritionist though so don't take my word for it. But it kinda makes sense. And sure

Oh, and coca dad who does ultras swears by de-fizzed coke around mile 20. says it is an amazing burst of energy. the combination of the high fructose corn syrup, the caffeine. I want to believe him because i too love coke!!! But I have a feeling I would suffer severe GI upset.

What about Skinny Cow? That's

What about Skinny Cow? That's my substitute guilty pleasure of ice cream choice.