slowly, but surely

When I first moved, I was living in New Jersey with my sister and commuting nearly four hours each day to work. During that time I didn't work out at all and felt really tired all the time. I was eating poorly (and not enough) and I lost a lot of energy and inertia that I had spent over a year building up.

In November I was able to move to Park Slope, Brooklyn and join a pretty amazing gym: CrossFit South Brooklyn. Since, I have been there I have been able to make some new friends and workout at least twice if not three times a week.

I am no where near the shape I was in in 2010, but am at least maintaining my conditioning and building strength (15 pound squat PR, what? what?). It's been a struggle to balance work and working out. Although, lately I have been starting to feel a little flame in the pit of my stomach reminding me how much I miss the competition and comraderie of ultras.

I think I will hit a tipping point in the next month or so and sign up for a race and commit to my old habits (including eating better, UGH!). 

I miss my San Diego running buds dearly, so here's to finding some in Brooklyn!


There you are! Glad to see

There you are! Glad to see you're getting back to CF. Your gym looks awesome!