surviving paleo while maintaining a real life

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf

I read Robb Wolf's new book, The Paleo Solution, over the weekend. I couldn't rave more about the book and about Robb's knowledge, experience and ability to make things relatable & funny. However, when I was reading the chapter about actually doing paleo I remember all the struggles I had when I first started (and am still having). Talking to friends and coaches over the past year I have learned some useful tips in surviving day-to-day paleo without gouging my eyes out.

I'll be sharing the tips here, sometimes weekly, sometimes less often. I'm hoping to share new things not covered in the book, since everyone should go read it, but there might be some overlap. I've found that the paleo diet works best if you are really compliant, but we aren't living in a paleo-friendly bubble. This is real life, where sometimes there are donuts at the office, deadlines at work, parties with beer or two kids to feed. You can't always make time to cook amazing cave man meals, but you can survive and thrive on the paleo diet if you find some tricks that make it work for your life

No. 1
If you lose momentum to cook throughout the week, plan your meals most difficult to least difficult, so on Fridays you are preparing your easiest meal. If you gain momentum throughout the week, then do the opposite.

For me, Monday and Tuesday are easy, I'm happy to spend a lot of time chopping, cooking and cleaning, but by Wednesdays I'm starting to wear out from the week. Fridays I usually end up at Chipotle or the Whole Foods pre-made food section, but I could avoid this by making Friday's meal so easy a caveman could do it. I can't believe I just used that phrase, but it was so fitting, thanks GEICO.


Hello. I'll be interested in

Hello. I'll be interested in your tips. I started following The Primal Blueprint back in June. I picked up Robb's book as well and am working my way through it. I'm a runner as well and I like to see how other endurance athletes cope with paleo. Thanks.

can I borrow your copy of

can I borrow your copy of Paleo Solution. It's not offered as an Ebook, and I really want to read it :)