totally smoked

First of all, I must say I'm totally stoked to have been featured on the CrossFit Endurance main site last week! Pictured above. 

I know I want to do another 50k, and there is a great one in the PCTR Series in the Santa Monica Mountains Nov. 21, but I'm not sure I can recover and train again by then. I started to run again this week, and while I may have run a little too much for my first week back, my legs are smoked.

First time I noticed a problem was Monday, we did 3 x 400m on the 4 minutes at the gym. I was hitting like 1:29+ 400m rounds, I definitely can do better. I figured since it was my first run it was normal to move a little slowly.

Then on Wednesday we did a 5k time trial at the gym, and I was so slow: 26:49. Based on the improvements in my sprints + middle distance stuff in the last 9 months (which is the last time I got a PR on a 5k time trial) I should have crushed my old time of 25:05.

Wednesday evening at the track I was starting to feel quite glum about running. So I was totally slacking on team 400s. That is until about 25 meters into a lap I heard Ayo come up behind me and I figured since I had been sandbagging the rest of the evening I could keep up with her for a lap. I totally did! That was a first, she's always been much faster than me.

Then, 2 laps later we were at it again, this time I decided I could not only keep up with her, but probably push a little. She said she kept feeling my pull out ahead and we ended up finishing at the same time. It was awesome to have that competition, everyone said it was great to watch us go head-to-head in complete sync. I guess we had the same cadence and stride, someone told us it was a sub 1 minute lap, but we didn't time it.

So I was feeling better after that. Friday morning I managed to get myself out of bed at 5:45 am to go for a short run. At this point my legs were totally, completely done, they literally had nothing to give me. I kept trying to talk myself into it, but at 1.3 miles I turned in and headed home. I was moving ridiculously slow, like 11 minute mile slow.

I'm worried about tomorrow, at least I'm resting today. I hope I can bust out a few good miles with Aubyn tomorrow. If it goes terribly, I might have to reconsider this November race.