where have i been???

I feel bad that I have been neglecting this blog lately. Unfortunately I have been out since May with a shoulder injury and training has been sporadic at best. I'm also in the midst of a cross-country move from San Diego to New York, so I've been a bit busy. 

Since I don't yet have a job in NY, I have a feeling I'll be running and updating my blogs more often!

And my shoulder, it's fine. I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder which is basically when all of the soft tissue in my shoulder joint gets inflammed. The inflammation is so bad that it actually locks up the shoulder joint and I was unable to move it for months. I'm in physical therapy now (very, very, painful PT) and on my way to recovery. There are still a few things I can't do, like pullups for instance, but for the most part I am crossfitting and running again.

I have a 5k this weekend, that I am wholly unprepared for. It's going to be painful, I know.

Next time I write it will be from the East Coast.


How is the shoulder, are you

How is the shoulder, are you still running ultras? I have been reading your blog. I too run ultras and crossfit. Do you think crossfit training did your shoulder in? Trying too much weight? too much shoulder work?

Bekka, I had no idea you were

Bekka, I had no idea you were out with a shoulder injury. My heart goes out to you, as injuries are NOT fun. Good luck in your cross-country move and I'll be seeing you in New York!

(p.s. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that's neglected their blog this summer.)

good luck on your move - and

good luck on your move - and PT!