a whole lotta nothin'

So, you might be wondering where I am (you being my two readers). I've been taking it easy for about five weeks now. I hurt my shoulder at CrossFit (not exactly sure what triggered this), but basically I've lost most of my range of motion. My shoulder/arm/neck are all extremely tight and I'm in a bit of pain. I went to the doctor this morning. He was not very optimistic since it's been five weeks of ibuprofen & rest with no improvement. I'm still trying to run a bit, but even that makes my arm sore after a while.

In one week I head back to the doc to see if some anti-inflammatories are working and for him to tell me what the x-ray says. If there is no good news then, I head to the ortho team. Sigh. I'm terrible at being injured, plus I pretty much detest going to the doctor, too much waiting around. Let's all just hope I didn't tear any tendons.