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slowly, but surely

When I first moved, I was living in New Jersey with my sister and commuting nearly four hours each day to work. During that time I didn't work out at all and felt really tired all the time. I was eating poorly (and not enough) and I lost a lot of energy and inertia that I had spent over a year building up.

been a while

I know, I know, it's been too long since I've written a blog post. I have been busy and this blog hasn't been a priority, but guess what? I'm racing this weekend. That's right, for the first time since October I am racing again. It's a 13 mile trail race and I'm super stoked. I have never been to the course (in fact, I should probably Google directions to the start). I haven't been running a ton like I was last year, but I'm pretty sure I can handle 13 miles.

4 PRs + Random Roundup

Not to toot my own horn or anything, okay, I’m totally tooting my own horn. I’ve had a great week, 4 PRs this week.

totally smoked

First of all, I must say I'm totally stoked to have been featured on the CrossFit Endurance main site last week! Pictured above. 

I know I want to do another 50k, and there is a great one in the PCTR Series in the Santa Monica Mountains Nov. 21, but I'm not sure I can recover and train again by then. I started to run again this week, and while I may have run a little too much for my first week back, my legs are smoked.

a few days later...

I've been thinking a lot since the race and I have a few things I feel like I should note:

8 mile

Bekka, Aubyn & Susan at Noble Canyon

Yesterday's run was seriously fun. I can't believe how little I thought about running and just looked at the view and focused on my footing. It didn't take us too long to get our first 4 miles down into Noble Canyon (about 40 minutes). I thought coming back up would take us at least double that time, but it only took us an hour to get back to the car. I'm so thankful we had a chance to run on the course and get some mileage on our feet.

a little upgrade...

Aubyn and Bekka's trail running shoes.

I made a little update to the blog today and added a little inspirational quote to the sidebar. If you have any good quotes about life, running, CrossFit or whatever, send them my way and I'll add them to the list. I also added a Quoted page where you can see them all!

In other news, I had a bad week on the nutrition front, but a pretty good week in terms of working out. I hit some PRs, got a max pullup PR (of 12) and a back squat PR for 3 reps of 128. I'm almost at my body weight for back squat woo hoo!

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