recipe time!


Recipe time!! I make up a lot of my own recipes and don't always note the exact quantities or cooking times, so sorry if you have trouble, but for these foods it's not a big deal if you change the quantities slightly.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

When I say sweet potato pancakes I don't mean the breakfast kind, I mean potato pancakes, but with sweet potatoes.

Use about 1 potato per person (I used legit sweet potatoes, not yams, but I'm sure yams are good too).

{gear up} what I'll be wearing on race day...

This covers almost everything I'll be wearing or carrying on race day...


oreo cake

I want this cake! How delicious does that Oreo cake look? I think I might have to create one of these after my race!

Speaking of food, I'm leaving for France in a week and 2 days. I'm going to eat tarte flambé, spätzle, chocolat, croissant , chocolat croissant and much more. And, I'm not going to feel guilty about it at all. Nope, can't wait for a gluton (and gluten) fest in Alsace!

// photo from Martha Stewart Home Design

gonna eat right...

Menu & Shopping List

...starting tomorrow! Yeah. That's what they all say right? I have a plan, as you can see I have four days of meals planned out here. 

You can download my menu in PDF form right here.


Why only four days? Because I can't think that far ahead for my menu, but 4 days will get me through till I have time to go grocery shopping again.

tarahumara food...

Since this whole ultramarathon thing started right after I read Born to Run, I've decided to test out a few of the Tarahumara "miracle" foods. Today I made iskiate, aka chia fresca. It's not too bad, I found a recipe on the No Meat Athlete, and other than the odd consistency, it tasted fine. I skipped the added agave nectar (my thoughts on agave deserve a post of their own). So essentially it was just chia seeds (yes, ch-ch-ch-chia), water and fresh lime juice.

pizza fail...


Well, I gave into my pizza craving at dinner time last night. I got home from work and sat on the couch for an hour, then I was feeling insatiably hungry so I ordered pizza. What I should have done is come home from work and started dinner.

I'm thinking that eating only greasy pizza with no veggies & no substantial protein could have killed my Fran time this morning. 65 pounds felt incredibly heavy. Or maybe I'm just making excuses and my Fran time would have sucked anyways since it's been a while since CrossFitting regularly.

fruitarian and vegetarian runners

Goodbye coca-cola and ice cream sandwiches...

coke and ice cream sandwiches

Ugh... It's time for me to stop drinking coca-cola and limit my ice cream sandwich intake to once a week. I'm feeling slow and that ice cream sandwich half hour before my run yesterday didn't help my dragging feet. We'll see how well that goes... one step at a time I guess. I ate mostly paleo today (minus the peanut sauce & coke at lunch).

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