where have i been???

I feel bad that I have been neglecting this blog lately. Unfortunately I have been out since May with a shoulder injury and training has been sporadic at best. I'm also in the midst of a cross-country move from San Diego to New York, so I've been a bit busy. 

Since I don't yet have a job in NY, I have a feeling I'll be running and updating my blogs more often!

a whole lotta nothin'

So, you might be wondering where I am (you being my two readers). I've been taking it easy for about five weeks now. I hurt my shoulder at CrossFit (not exactly sure what triggered this), but basically I've lost most of my range of motion. My shoulder/arm/neck are all extremely tight and I'm in a bit of pain. I went to the doctor this morning. He was not very optimistic since it's been five weeks of ibuprofen & rest with no improvement. I'm still trying to run a bit, but even that makes my arm sore after a while.

mobility WOD

intervals for lunch, intervals for dinner

Oh man, my new Wednesday routine is seriously killing me. No joke. 

Wake up. eat. work. work. work. ride bike to workout. workout. ride home. eat. nap. work. eat. workout. eat. bed.

I'm supposed to be doing two-a-days on Fridays as well, but for this week I'll just try to make it to Sunday without hurting myself again.

We did an interval style workout at the gym, then I have intervals again tonight at the track. I guess they are good for me, especially since an ultramarathon has quite a few stops and you have to be ready to get started up all over again.

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