totally smoked

First of all, I must say I'm totally stoked to have been featured on the CrossFit Endurance main site last week! Pictured above. 

I know I want to do another 50k, and there is a great one in the PCTR Series in the Santa Monica Mountains Nov. 21, but I'm not sure I can recover and train again by then. I started to run again this week, and while I may have run a little too much for my first week back, my legs are smoked.

If you want to come watch the race...

There are only two points you can drive to and watch.

One is at the start/finish (Pine Valley Bible Center) directions here.

weekend warrior

Holy workout weekend. I completed my first workout from, it certainly lived up to its expectations. I’m not sure it was the hardest workout I’ve ever done, but it was definitely in the top 3, never have I not wanted to pick up a bar so badly. The push press is what was killing me. You know a workout sucks when your favorite part is the burpees. It was more than twice as long as most of the CrossFit workouts I’ve been doing lately:

okay.. more details of the run from hell

Saturday's run in a graph

Okay, so I decided to give a few more details regarding Saturday's run, but in the form of a fun graph. I made this up, it's my perception of the run, not at all close to scale for the elevation profile. Also, my memory is a little foggy. Umm.. sorry it's a little hard to read.. will put up a better version when I get home.

miserable, just miserable...

Nate Aubyn Bekka before 13.1 miles

In the words of Nate, "That was miserable, just miserable." I don't really feel the need to give a play-by-play of Saturday's 13.1 mile "time trial," but I did learn some valuable lessons:

8 mile

Bekka, Aubyn & Susan at Noble Canyon

Yesterday's run was seriously fun. I can't believe how little I thought about running and just looked at the view and focused on my footing. It didn't take us too long to get our first 4 miles down into Noble Canyon (about 40 minutes). I thought coming back up would take us at least double that time, but it only took us an hour to get back to the car. I'm so thankful we had a chance to run on the course and get some mileage on our feet.

lots of stuff going on!

I was too late getting going this morning to make it to the 11am class at CF Elysium, so I went to the regular gym to do today's WOD. I now remember why I don't go to the gym anymore. It is so hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I see people working out and doing the most random exercises. There was a guy "squatting" and maybe going down like 4 inches from his standing position. I was tempted to go tell him that was weaksauce but to each his own.

feeling blergh...

I got home from an LA road trip last night around 7:30 pm. I then proceeded to eat half a cupcake before heading out for my run. Worst. Run. Ever. Did I mention that I was 

tarahumara food...

Since this whole ultramarathon thing started right after I read Born to Run, I've decided to test out a few of the Tarahumara "miracle" foods. Today I made iskiate, aka chia fresca. It's not too bad, I found a recipe on the No Meat Athlete, and other than the odd consistency, it tasted fine. I skipped the added agave nectar (my thoughts on agave deserve a post of their own). So essentially it was just chia seeds (yes, ch-ch-ch-chia), water and fresh lime juice.

Evening Trail Run in Florida Canyon

Aubyn and I did a 60 minute tempo run this evening. It's kind of frustrating when you don't know the trails (note to self, run the race course before race day). We kind of fumbled around Florida Canyon for 60 minutes, but we got a hell of a workout. There is a ton of up and down over there.

Afterwards we grabbed burgers at Station Tavern, they were awesome but poor Aubyn was drooling over the buns. I felt kind of slow during the run, and now I'm thinking it's time to get back to the paleo diet until my Europe trip.

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