totally smoked

First of all, I must say I'm totally stoked to have been featured on the CrossFit Endurance main site last week! Pictured above. 

I know I want to do another 50k, and there is a great one in the PCTR Series in the Santa Monica Mountains Nov. 21, but I'm not sure I can recover and train again by then. I started to run again this week, and while I may have run a little too much for my first week back, my legs are smoked.

okay.. more details of the run from hell

Saturday's run in a graph

Okay, so I decided to give a few more details regarding Saturday's run, but in the form of a fun graph. I made this up, it's my perception of the run, not at all close to scale for the elevation profile. Also, my memory is a little foggy. Umm.. sorry it's a little hard to read.. will put up a better version when I get home.

miserable, just miserable...

Nate Aubyn Bekka before 13.1 miles

In the words of Nate, "That was miserable, just miserable." I don't really feel the need to give a play-by-play of Saturday's 13.1 mile "time trial," but I did learn some valuable lessons:

feeling blergh...

I got home from an LA road trip last night around 7:30 pm. I then proceeded to eat half a cupcake before heading out for my run. Worst. Run. Ever. Did I mention that I was 

being a baby...

Well, ugh, I ripped a the bottom of my foot while running barefoot at Mission Bay yesterday. I couldn't decide all day whether to workout or not, but as I could barely walk from my desk to the bathroom I decided against working out. I can't decide if I'm being a big pansy or being smart to let it heal. Here's to hoping my foot feels better so I can get a few workouts in tomorrow.

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